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Do you enjoy the food served the Church’s Chicken? Their unique taste and bold flavors are famous in the whole world. They have always taken care of what their customers like and that is why Church’s Chicken is one of the companies that focus on enhancing the customer experience. Well, if you too want your voice to reach the ears of the company, let me tell you that this is very easy.

The Church’s Chicken is also keen to hear the views of their customers. That is why they have designed a survey known as ChurchListens Survey which you can take online on your mobile phones, any time, anywhere, and your voice will be heard.

 One exciting news is that you get to win a validation code after attempting all the questions. And this code can let you win wonderful offers at the Church’s Chicken. Are you excited to take the survey? I have mentioned all you need to know in this article below!

What is ChurchsListens Survey?

To make every guest of theirs feel welcome at the Church’s Chicken, the company needs to understand the feelings and opinions of the people who visit their restaurants about the food they serve and their services as well. They want to know if they were able to cater to you properly and efficiently. And even if there is something negative you experienced at the restaurant, you can tell them freely. The company will be happy to know about whatever you feel and improve the areas you want them to work upon. In addition to this, you can also win a wonderful offer just taking the ChurchListens Survey, then why not?

ChurchsListens Survey Rewards

To know the views of a huge majority of people about their food and services, the Church’s Chicken wants a lot of people to take their survey. And to attract a lot of people in doing so, the company lets the lucky customers who take their survey win. So, you can win a validation code participating in the survey and giving your opinion. This validation code can let you redeem several wonderful offers when you go to the restaurant again. You will get the offer printed on your receipt which you used for taking the survey.

How To Take ChurchsListens Survey?

Do you want to take the survey but do not know how to participate in it? You can simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, you will have to go to, which is the official survey website of the Church’s Chicken.
  2. Now get the receipt of the last time you went to the restaurant and fill out the restaurant number and date from it on the homepage of the website. You can also switch to Spanish if you prefer.
  3. Now the main survey begins. The company expects you to be as honest as you can be with the answers to the questions they ask you.
  4. Afterward, check your answers and submit them.
  5. Then you will get your validation code. You can write it down on the receipt you used for the survey and redeem it to get the offer printed on it.

Rules & Requirements To Take The Survey

Here are some important rules and requirements you must know before taking the survey:

  1. You should be 13 years old or more to take the survey.
  2. Only those are eligible for the survey who are legitimate residents of the USA, UK, or Canada.
  3. You cannot participate if you work at the Church’s Chicken or you are from family or relatives of those who work there.
  4. Your old receipt from the time you went to the restaurant the last time is required to participate.
  5. The survey should be taken in a week of your visit to the restaurant. Otherwise, the offer at your receipt expires.
  6. An individual is allowed to take only five surveys in one month.
  7. The reward you win cannot be traded or transported you.
  8. You require a smartphone or anything else with good internet connectivity to participate.

More About The Church’s Chicken Company

Church’s Chicken is a food chain based in the USA. This fast-food chain is famous around the globe for its crispy fried chicken, French fries, as well as specially home-styled biscuits. In the beginning, the company only made chicken, but it instantly began to develop its menu just within two of its opening, which was back in 1992. It was established originally as Church’s Fried Chicken so that it can go the name of George W. Church Sr. Today, there are about 1,010 restaurants of the Church’s Chicken, out of which 858 are franchised while 151 are handled the company itself. This company has always prioritized its customers over everything and has always tried to provide them with the best possible experience.

How To Contact The Church’s Chicken Company?

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. I have tried to make the process of taking the ChurchListens Survey easy and interesting for you. Just keep in mind the rules and requirements for taking the survey, and you are ready to win. Do not wait for more now:)


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