GCListens – Take Official Golden Corral Survey To Win $1000 Gift Card

Ever wondered how GC remains the number one buffet for about 45 years now. Well I know the secret!!! It’s because they take customer satisfaction seriously. They have their own customer satisfaction survey – GCListens. The next time you dine at GC, don’t forget to take their official survey and let the company know what you feel about their services and food. In addition to this, you could also be gifted with a $1000 gift card for sharing your valuable feedback with them.

What Is GCListens?

Golden Corral is looking forward to hear it’s customers valuable feedback. For this, it has started it’s own online survey campaign. Though not everyone can be a part of it. Only if you have the recent bill from the store, you could be a part of this survey and participate in the sweepstakes also. With the survey code printed on your receipt, you could be a part of this survey.

Why Should We Be A Part Of This Survey?

Golden Corral aims at bettering itself time to time. It’s goal is to provide the best services every minute of the day. So, it is essential that we share our valuable feedback with them, so that we help them out. Everything in this world works in a give and take manner. So, we give our feedback, the company re invents itself and provides us with better services.

Our feedback can also help others to get better services. On top of all of this, we could get a $1000 gift card. What more! Go to your nearest store, shop and don’t forget to take the bill. Let’s plunge into the below information about the GCListens survey.

How To Take The GCListens Survey?

There are very few simple steps to follow to take this survey. These are mentioned below-:

  • Firstly, you must open the official website to take the survey. To do this, click on the link provided here- www.gclistens.com.
  • Once the website opens, the first thing you see is that, G C company is thanking you for being able to take the survey.
  • Scroll down to choose between your preferred languages to take the survey. You can choose from either Spanish or English.
  • Go through all the rules properly and then enter the ’14-digit survey code’ mentioned on your bill.

  • After this, you would be asked some questions regarding your previous visit at the store. Answer all the questions honestly.
  • Then, enter your personal contact details like name, country, connect details, zip code etc to enter the into the sweepstakes.
  • Onceyou enter the sweepstakes then you get the opportunity to win $1000.

Golden Rules For The GCListens Survey

Like all sweepstakes, even this survey has some important rules to adhere to and they are-:

  • Minors i.e., people below the age of 18 years are not allowed to take this survey at all.
  • Only citizens of United States are allowed to be a part of this sweepstakes. Countries like Canada, UK, Puerto Rico are an exception.
  • Residents of these countries can also participate in the sweepstakes.
  • The employees of this company or any direct relative cannot take this survey.
  • You must have a recent Golden Corral bill under your possession to be able to take this survey.

  • We must need a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or any other electronic device with good internet connection.
  • Representative, or agent of the Sponsor or any of its subsidiaries, licensees or affiliate of the company are prohibited from taking the survey.
  • The sponsor has all the rights over the sweepstakes. He can stop it at any time he wishes to.
  • If the website is tampered in what so ever manner, it is an act of breaking the criminal and civil laws.
  • One person can receive one prize for about 90 days.
  • If you win in the sweepstakes, then you would be sent the money within 60 days.
  • If you are selected in the sweepstakes then you should contact the company within 10 days of time gap.

If you face any difficulties while taking this survey, contact them through the provided contact details.

Contact Details

Contact the company through the details provided below-:

More About GC Company

What makes Golden Corral different is their huge heart! They provide free meals to duty military and even to veterans. A child below 3 gets free meals at Golden Corral!! What’s more to add, they also arrange a camp ‘Camp corral’ where they provide free food to the kids of ill, fallen or injured military personnel.

Apart from all of these, they have this extravaganza breakfast buffet with the right platter! And their salads! You can never stop talking about them. You could create your own dream salad with the wide range of options available. Moving to the last the dinner is like icing to it’s menu! You get chocolate fountains in the dinner buffet. Just reading all of this it makes you so hungry. Right! So, go and try the Golden Corral restaurant immediately.


Though all our concentration will be on the delicious food, don’t forget to take the bill and store it. You can then take the GCListens survey and avail the$1000 gift card. Do feel free to share your experiences with them here! If you have any doubts or suggestions please do mention them in the comments section below! Thank you!!!


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