InformTarget Survey: Win $1500 Gift Cards [Start Here]

Do you need any beauty or health products? Or something related to bedding, clothing, electronics, or even food, furniture, jewelry, pet supplies, shoes, or toys and games for your kids? Are you aware that Target sells it all under one roof? Oh, you love that place already! Did you go there recently? I have good news for you! The Target Corporation is giving its customers who love to shop there a wonderful chance to win gift cards worth up to 1500 dollars if they provide their feedback. So you can just take InformTarget Survey and win gift cards.

Excited? Read how can you participate in the official target survey in the article below.

What is InformTarget Survey?

Just like everyone else, Target also wants to know the shopping experience of the customers at their stores. They want to know the areas they need to work upon so that they can make improvements exactly where their customers want them to improve. That is why they encourage their customers to take the InformTarget Survey so that the customers can interact with them on an individual level and give their honest reviews. Moreover, they are letting the lucky participants win gift cards worth up to 1500 dollars, then why not? The steps to take the survey are mentioned below.

InformTarget Survey Rewards

The Target Corporation wants to know the honest reviews of the people who shop there for future improvements in its products as well as services. So, to attract more and more people, they are giving the lucky winners gift cards. The maximum you can win from a gift card is $1500. That is a lot of money right? What are you waiting for? You can win now:)

Take InformTarget Survey

The steps to take InformTarget Survey are:

  1. Firstly, you have to go to which is the official website of Target to take the surveys.
  2. Now you will see an option to choose a language of your preference so that you can take the survey in a language you are comfortable with.
  3. Then just enter a valid user id with its password to proceed. The user id, as well as the password, is present on the receipt of the Target which you got when you went shopping there the last time.
  4. After entering the Target survey code, you will enter the main survey.
  5. Afterward, you will see a bunch of questions. You have to just provide your honest answers to the questions they ask.
  6. When you have answered all the questions asked Target, they will ask you some of your contact information such as your contact number, your physical address, etc. which is for security purposes only.
  7. This is all, now you will win a gift card.

Very easy steps right? But go through these rules and requirements before taking the survey as these are crucial.

Rules Or Requirements To Take The Inform Target Survey

  1. You should be a legal citizen for the USA to take part in the Inform Target Survey.
  2. You must be at least 18 years of you want to provide your feedback to Target and win.
  3. You should know either English or Spanish to take the survey.
  4. Your user id and the password is on the purchase receipt valid only for 3 days after the shopping.
  5. If you work at any of the Target stores, or you are an immediate relative of any of the employees of Target, you are not eligible to participate in the survey.
  6. You need any device just as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or a personal computer with good internet connectivity to take the survey. You also need a few minutes so that you can provide your honest review without any rush.

More About The Target Corporation

Target Corporation is a retail corporation in the USA. It is proudly the second-largest discount retailer in America. It was established George Dayton and is headquartered in Minneapolis. At first, the company was entitled Goodfellow Dry Goods in June 1902. Then its name was changed to Dayton’s Dry Goods Company in 1903. Even after that, in 1910, it was again renamed as the Dayton Company.

The Target Corporation has pledged to give its customers the pleasantest experience every time you go to Target store to did some shopping. In 2019, it had about 1,868 stores in the whole USA and about 360,000 people were working there. Target essentially runs discount department stores, hypermarkets, supercenters, superstore, and each domain needs sufficient members to support their business enterprise. A lot of people like their products, services and in addition to this, their quick delivery services.

How To Contact The Target Corporation?

The different ways you can contact Target are as follows:


I hope after reading this article, you now understand how to take the Inform Target Survey and can provide your feedback easily. We have tried to make the rules, as well as the requirements for the survey, also made clear to you. Since Target believes in Expect more and pay less, you can also expect a lot of money just giving your feedback. Do not wait anymore to take the survey and win a good amount of money right now.


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