MyCFAvisit Survey Chick-fil-A [Get A Free Chicken Sandwich]

Free chicken sandwich from CFA, the home for the spicy and crispy fried chicken sandwich!! Yes, you read it right. Now you have a chance to get a free chicken sandwich and that too from Chick-fil-A. You just have to visit the MyCFAvisit and give your valuable feedback. That’s all it takes to receive that mouth drooling Sandwich for free.

The Chick-fil-A fast-food chain launched the MyCFAvisit to get the valuable feedback of their customers related to the food and service provided the restaurant. So, take your time out and fill their survey form going here MyCFAvisit. Before you directly jump into the link go through the important details about the survey.

What Is MyCFAvisit?

Like all other big shot restaurant chains, CFA also believes that customer satisfaction and feedback are of utmost importance. So, they have an online feedback form that enables them to receive the customer’s valuable feedback and in turn gifts them a free Chicken Sandwich.

CFA believes that every customer’s feedback is highly important as they share this with all the restaurant chains for improving the quality of products and services right from ground level.

Why Should You Take MyCFAvisit Survey?

Firstly, through this survey, we can share information about the kind of experience we had with the fast-food chain. We can also suggest different ways in which they could improve. We can also post in changes that we would find desirable in the menu items, quality, and quantity of food.

An online medium is an effective method to club information provided customers and implement them.
Now, let’s know what all are required for this survey

Rules & Prerequisites For The Survey

The MyCFAvisit is just an online survey about your experience at the store during your last visit. So, it is extremely simple and straight forward. Keep these points in your mind before going ahead with your survey.

  1. You should have purchased something in the store before taking the survey.
  2. Keep the receipt that you received, because it consists of a validation code on it.
  3. You must have a good internet connected pc, laptop, mobile phone, or any other device.
  4. Take the survey without a long period from purchase( not more than 7 days). It takes you only five minutes for entering the survey.
  5. You must be at least 18 years to attempt this survey.
  6. This survey is only in two languages i.e., in English and Spanish. So, if you don’t know these two languages then better take the help of a person who knows these languages before taking this survey.
  7. This survey is open for all legal residents of the USA.
  8. One purchase I.e., one receipt is valid for one feedback survey.
  9. Be very honest when you attempt the survey.

After knowing about the requirements and regulations for this survey. Let’s know more about how to take this survey.

How to Take The MyCFAvisit Survey?

Thes that you can take to complete the survey are-:

  • Firstly, open the official website of the MyCFAvisit and select your preferred language.

  • Select your language, from the option provided below the start button.
  • Then enter the survey code that is printed on the receipt that you received on purchase.
  • After entering your code properly, click on the start button.

  • After this, various simple questions will be asked related to your previous visit to the store. Answer all the questions honestly.
  • Then in the last you will be asked to share your info like contact details and email id. Rest assured that your information is safe.
  • You will then receive a coupon for the free sandwich through the contact details that you provided.
  • You can redeem this coupon on your next visit and get a free sandwich

Wondering What The Survey Questions Are?

Don’t worry the questions are centered on mainly:-

  • Menu variety
  • Availability of the items mentioned in the menu
  • Order type
  • Speed of service
  • Temperature of food
  • Food quality and taste
  • Satisfaction with item
  • Overall cleanliness
    Staff behavior
  • Value for money
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Suggestions/ complaints (if any)

The answers might vary according to personal experiences. Make sure to give honest answers.
If you face any problems with this survey, feel free to call their customer care. ( Contact details are mentioned below)

Contact Details Of Chick-fil-A

  • To contact through Telephone number-1-866-232-2040
  • To contact through the mail-P.O box, 725489, Atlanta, GA 31139-9923
  • To contact through Facebook-
  • To contact through Instagram-
  • To contact through Twitter-

Curious To Know More About Chick-fil-A?

Chick-fil-A is the leading fast-food chain that started back in the 1940s Truett Cathy as “Dwarf House” wherein he introduced the first-ever chicken sandwich. This later went out to open as Chick-fil-A in 1967. Very soon after that Chick-fil-A rose in popularity. Now this company generates more revenue than any other fast-food chain.

Only Alaska, Vermont, and Hawaii do not have these fast-food chain centers. The employees at Chick-fil-A are extremely polite and the regular words that you hear from them are ‘Thank you’ and ‘Please’. The chicken sandwich sold here is so famous that the recipe is locked up in its headquarters in Alaska.


The next time you are enjoying your sandwich at Chick-fil-A don’t forget to take the bill and fill the MyCFAvisit survey form. I hope you got an idea over how to give your survey in the MyCFAvisit survey form. If you have any doubts feel free to drop it down in the comments section.

Enjoy your free delicious chicken sandwich!!


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