MyHJexperience: Take Hungry Jack’s Survey & Get Fries

What if I tell you that you could get a small fries and a soft drink for free if you order a burger? You won’t even believe me if I did! Well, it is true! You could get all of that for free if you just complete the MyHJexperience survey from Hungry Jack with your honest feedback at

That’s exactly what is required. Sounds damn interesting right! You want to do it immediately and right now! Hold on!

First, let’s find out more about this online survey.

What is MyHJexperience?

Hungry Jack keeps the customer’s satisfaction above everything else. They believe that, as long as their customers are happy, there is nothing that can push them down in the market. That’s, why they want to know what the customers, think about them.

To create a medium between the customers and the company, they came up with this wonderful idea of opening an online survey form. In this manner, the customers can easily give their feedback just sparing 5 to 10 minutes for which they are in turn awarded the company.

Why Should You Take Hungry Jack’s Survey?

Well, it is always vital that we let companies know about our feedback regarding the services and products that they provided us with. This is because letting them know their mistakes we give them space to correct them. This feedback ensures that we and others who visit the store have better experiences the next time we visit the store.


There are not many rules or regulations for this survey. Unlike all other surveys, you don’t have any age restrictions, origin, or habitat restrictions. The few rules that are applicable for this survey are-:

  • You should have a valid code for enjoying this offer.
  • The original bill must be presented at the time of redemption, no photocopies or photos of the bill are accepted.
  • This offer is only available in participating stores.
  • You can redeem your validation code with 30 days at the nearest store that is participating in this offer.
  • You are not allowed to sell or transmit this coupon to anybody else.
  • Neither can you alter the offer provided nor can you redeem the money obtained.
  • You cannot use this offer in combination with any other available offers.
  • Only one person, per offer, per visit is allowed.

Steps to Take MyHJexperience Survey?

The steps to keep in mind while talking the MyHJexperience on are as follows

  • First, open the official site at
  • Read all the instructions given on that page carefully.
  • Then, enter the time you entered the store which is mentioned in your bill. Also, enter the 16-digit survey code.

  • The server then cross-checks the information that you entered and re-directs you to the survey page.
  • Now, the actual survey starts. Wherein the number of questions you are asked ranges from 20-40 depending upon the answers you give.
  • You can skip questions in which you have to write up about your experiences.
  • After you are have attempted all the questions, then you will get a validation code on your screen. Note this number down.
  • The next time you visit the Hungry Jack store within 30 days of getting this code. You can get small fries and a soft drink for free.

The questions asked in the survey are generally quite easy and based on your previous experience with the store. Some questions that you may come across in the survey are-:

  • Did you order using self-service checkout?
  • How many people did you go with? What was your overall experience with them?
  • How was the temperature of your food? Was it easy to place your order?
  • How was the interior cleanliness of the restaurant?
  • Where the staff friendly and presentable?
  • Do you think you got value for money?

If you face any difficulties or problems feel free to contact the company about it. The contract details are mentioned below.

Contact Details Of Hungry Jack

Wanna Know More About Hungry Jack?

Isn’t the Hungry Jack logo similar to that of Burger King! Well, yes it will be. That is because Hungry Jack is Burger King in Australia. The name Burger King was already registered in Australia. So, that the company does not infer any copyright issues, it was named as Hungry Jack in Australia. It is available in 350 different locations all over the country.

The motto of Hungry Jack is quite simple and straight to the point- ‘Success is not rocket science, it comes down to serving good food, employing great people and serving strong communities’. Over 17,000 Australians are employed under this umbrella and they all believe in one thing i.e., to get a smile on the face of their customers.


Now, I hope you know how to take this online survey. Make sure to keep the receipt with you, after every visit and redeem the coupon within 30 days of taking the survey. I believe this survey is worth the effort you put in. So, go ahead and try it. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.


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