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Living in America but craving Chinese food? Try mouthwatering fast food Panda Express! I know you would not be able to resist from visiting them again and again. All the foods they serve, from the orange chicken to their health-minded Wok Smart choices, are world-famous because of their taste as well as their quality. They make sure that the ingredients they use for making food are fresh.

What if I tell you that you can win a free meal, just taking the Panda Express Survey? Yes, you can do this! Want to know more? I have mentioned the complete procedure of taking the survey in addition to the rules and regulations below. Get ready to win!

What if I tell you that you can win a free meal at the Panda Express just taking their survey? Yes, you can do this! Want to know more? I have mentioned the complete procedure of taking the survey in addition to the rules and regulations below. Get ready to win! 

What is Panda Express Survey?

Panda Express, just like all other fast-food restaurants, wants to know what their customers think about the quality of food they serve and also how people feel about their services. To interact with their customers at an individual level, they want them to participate in the Panda Express Survey. And they are providing you an opportunity to win free food, then why not? Just take the survey as soon as possible.

Panda Express Survey Rewards

Since Panda Express is eager to know about their customers’ real feelings and experiences about their food and services, they let the winners of the survey win a code called the Panda Express Coupon code. This code is all you need for your free meal at their restaurant. You just have to write down the code on the receipt you used while taking the survey and redeem it when you visit the restaurant the next time.

How To Take Panda Express Survey?

Excited to take the survey? The steps are mentioned below.

You can take the survey in two ways- the first being the online method and the other one is phone call.

  • Online Mode for taking the Panda Express Survey:
  1. You need your Panda Express receipt of the last time you visited the restaurant and purchased something.
  2. Now you have to visit PandaExpress.Com/Feedback to take part in the survey.
  3. Now enter the 22 letter code from the receipt you have and click next to begin the survey.
  4. Some questions will be shown on your screen. You just have to answer them honestly as the Panda Express wants to know what you feel about them so that they can improve their food and services.
  5. After answering all the questions, you will see a Panda Express Survey Validation Code, note it down on your receipt ( on its backside).
  6. Then you just have to take that receipt to the Panda Express and they will give you a meal for free.
  • Panda Express Survey a Phone Call:
  1.  Here again, you need your Panda Express receipt of the last time you purchased something from the restaurant.
  2. Now you have to make a call on 1-888-51-PANDA and provide them the code from your receipt.
  3. Afterward, they will ask you some questions for the survey and you need to answer them honestly.
  4. Then they will provide you a code that you have to write down on the same receipt you used.
  5. That is all, just take the receipt with you to win food for free when you go to the Panda Express the next time.

Rules Or Requirements To Take The Survey

Some rules you must read if you want to take the Panda Express Survey are:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this survey.
  2. You have to buy something from the restaurant as your purchase receipt is a necessity for taking the survey.
  3. The receipt cannot be older than two days as the code is valid only for two days after the purchase has been made.
  4. The good part is that you can participate in the survey and win as many times as you want to as there is no limit on how many times you can take the survey.
  5. Only one coupon per purchase for a single person is available.
  6. The survey prize does not guarantee you any cash.
  7. You must have the receipt to redeem on which you have written the code you got after the survey to win the free food.

More About The Panda Express

Panda Express is the biggest Asian segment restaurant chain in the USA with over 2200 restaurants throughout the country. One of their unique features is their combo meal which is served to the consumers as per their desires. The most common combo foods are fried rice, chow mein, steamed rice, and some mixed vegetables.

The Panda Express’s headquarters are in Rosemead, California in the USA. This brand in actual is a random variation of its corporate Panda Inn. 

How To Contact The Panda Express

Their handles on different social sites are:

Final Words/ Conclusion

I hope now you know how to take the Panda Express Survey and get a chance to win a free meal. The taste of the fast food served the Panda Express is undoubtedly toothsome. So, do not wait to get free food doing nothing but taking the Panda Express Survey. Since your purchase receipt’s code is valid for just two days, do not wait for more time. 


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