Papa Murphy’s Survey [Free Coupon]

Do you, too, love eating pizzas? Oh, you love going to Papa Murphy’s as well. Yes, that place is exceptional! They have always believed in influencing society for something better every single day. Their fresh and mouth-watering ingredients have always captured the attention of the public.

Now if you go to Papa Murphy’s Take-And-Bake Pizza place frequently, here is good news for you. Papa Murphy has made a survey known as Papa Murphy’s PapaSurvey and in return for your feedback, they give you a chance to win free cookie dough, free cheesy bread, free pizzas, and many more food items for free. Sounds amazing right! Go ahead and win without waiting anymore!

What is Papa Murphy’s PapaSurvey?

Papa Murphy’s Take-And-Bake Pizza Company wants to know what their customers think about their food and services. That is why they take the survey called Papa Murphy’ PapaSurvey. So, you can express your pleasure or displeasure, whatever you felt after visiting Papa Murphy’s house. They will take your feedback seriously and will improve themselves however their customers want. Moreover, they are giving a lot of food items for free to winners after they take their survey. So, what is there to lose? Read the instructions below and be a part of Papa Murphy’s PapaSurvey right now.

Papa Murphy’s PapaSurvey Rewards

Papa Murphy wants more and more customers to take their survey. So, to attract more people, they are giving cookie dough, cheesy bread, pizzas, and many more food items for free. You just have to give your feedback which is quite easy and you can win any food item you choose from the ones available to you.

 How To Take The Survey?

The steps to take Papa Murphy’s PapaSurvey are mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, go to which is a website specially made for the survey only.
  2. Now you have to take your recent receipt from Papa Murphy’s Take-And-Bake pizza house and find the date of your visit and store number from it to enter into date and location options.
  3. Then click on Next to proceed.
  4. Now you will see some questions on your screens, this is the main survey. You just have to answer them as honestly as you can as Papa Murphy wants to know your genuine review about their food and services for future improvements.
  5. As you complete the survey, you will get a redemption code. This is your code for getting free food. Just write it down on your receipt and you will get free food the next time you go to Papa Murphy’s Take-And-Bake pizza place and use it.

Yes, that is it. Easy right? But go through these rules and requirements before you take the survey as these are important.

Rules Or Requirements To Take Survey

  1. The receipt you use from Papa Murphy’s should not be older than 3 days, otherwise, it is not accepted.
  2. You can take the survey only if you are at least 18 years.
  3. You can use the redemption code for free food only once.
  4. The redemption code is not transferrable and it does not guarantee you any cash prize.
  5. Bring the receipt you used for taking the survey along with you the next time and write the redemption code on it only.
  6. You need any smart device such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet having good internet connectivity and about 5 to 7 minutes to take the survey.

More About The Papa Murphy’s Take-And-Bake Pizza Company

Papa Murphy’s Pizza Company is the fifth greatest pizza house in the USA with more than 1500 restaurants. The company has its restaurants in Canada in addition to those in the USA. The headquarters of the company are in Washington, Vancouver, and the USA. Not just food offline, this company has won a lot of hearts its online pizza store for the comfort of its consumers. After some ups and downs, it is now a brand and is famous in the whole world. The food they serve is loved every customer and their services are also awesome.

Papa Murphy’s Take-And-Bake pizza company won the award for Consumer’s first choice in the Pizza chain in the year 2006. And it was granted Top Pizza Chain in quality and healthy food in the whole year award in 2014, which is a stamp on its awesome quality.

The unique thing about them is that they do not have a hot pizza ready to go whenever a consumer comes to their place, they provide a cool pizza that the customer takes to her/his home, heats it comfortably, and eats it with family making it more enjoyable. They undercut higher suppliers and give good prices this.

How To Contact Papa Murphy’s Take-And-Bake Pizza Company?

The various ways to contact Papa Murphy’s Pizza company are:


I hope after reading this article, you understand the rules, requirements as well as procedure to take Papa Murphy’s PapaSurvey. Papa Murphy’s pizza company is already looking forward to your valuable feedback as they want to work on the areas their consumers want them to work on. So, express your true feelings about their food to them on an individual level taking this survey and now you also know you can win food for free just taking this survey. 


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