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I know why you are here!! You wanted to know more about the TalktoiHop. Well don’t worry I won’t disappoint you a bit also. You can find almost everything about your topic right below. The TalktoiHop is the official customer satisfaction survey of your favorite restaurant chain IHOP. This got you more hooked to the topic right! Read on!

What is TalktoiHop?

The American based house of pancakes, is ready to listen to it’s customers feedback. So, as customers are you ready to share it with them. I know you are!! IHOP has come up with an online customer satisfaction survey called Talktoihop. In this survey, you share in all your queries and happiness’s with them regarding their services. You can share your feedback even though if it is negative because they are waiting to get an opportunity to re-invent themselves to keep surprising you lovely customers.

What should we take this survey?

Having more than 1650 stores is not less than any achievement. And all this is possible because of this wonderful survey. And also because as customers all of you are eager to let them know more about your personal experiences at the store. For entering into this survey, you will need the receipt from your previous visit at the store. This is because it consists of a server id, time of your visit and the survey code. For taking this survey and for spending your valuable time on it, you are rewarded with a free delicious pancake the next time you visit the store.

Rules and regulations

The basic rules and regulations that you ought to follow to be a part of this survey are as follows-:

  • The top most requirement to be followed while taking the survey is that, you must be 18 or above that.
  • You will need a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or any other electronic device with good internet connection.
  • The employees of IHOP or their close associates, none of them can be a part of this survey.
  • Receipt that you receive from your previous purchase at the store is a compulsion for this survey.
  • The receipt should be very young. Funny right! Well, it should be three days old. A receipt more than that time frame cannot be used for the survey.
  • The validation code that you receive after the survey is valid only for 30 days.
  • This survey can be taken only once in a month.

How to take this survey?

You wanna take the survey! Fear not, I’m here to guide you through this!! Open the official survey page through the provided link-

  • The first thing that you come with, once you open that official page is a Thank you note from the company about the time you have spared for taking this survey.
  • Then, choose your preferred language, either English or Espanola for taking this survey.
  • Next, enter the survey code, time of your previous visit at the store and the server id ( the 7-digit code). Don’t panic, all these details are already mentioned in your receipt.

  • After you are done entering the fields with required information, then click on the ‘Start’ button to get started with the survey.
  • Reply to all the questions asked in the survey honestly and rate the services provided based on your previous visit at the store.
  • Do keep clicking on the ‘Next‘ option to move on to the consecutive questions.
  • Enter all your personal details like name, address, gender, contact number/ email id at the end of the survey.
  • Once this is done you will reach your milestone I.e. receiving the validation code.
  • Please note down the validation code.

You must tell the validation code to the staff when you visit the store afterwards. Then you would get a free pancake!

The basic structure of the questions that are going to be asked in the survey are as follows-:

  • Guest satisfaction
  • Dining area condition
  • Performance of server
  • Food quality
  • Comments or suggestions
  • Frequency of your visit at the store

If you do feel any kind of difficulties while entering the survey, then feel free to contact their customer care service.

Contact details of IHOP

The contact details of IHOP are as mentioned below -:

  • Do stay connected with them on Facebook through the provided link-
  • Follow them on Instagram though the provided link –
  • You can also contact them on Twitter, through the provided link-
  • Call them through the toll free number-1866-444-5144.
  • Mail them your queries to the following address-50 Noth Brand Boulevard, Glendale CA91203

More about IHOP

The pancake that you splurge on was first perfected Lapin and his brother Jerry in their mother’s kitchen. What is heard now as IHOP, was not called the same way for its first 15 years of birth. It was rather known as the International House of pancakes. Long name right, that’s why it’s known as IHOP nowadays. It also celebrates a ‘Free Pancake Day‘ and has raised over $16 million for the sake of charity. Some store locations have singing waitresses, well one of them is in DC.


That’s all on this topic! I hope you got all the information that you were pondering for. Just don’t forget the bill from your previous visit. That’s it, nothing else. Do share your stories with us. We are always ready to listen. Do share some time out for this survey. Believe me! It’s worth the effort that you put in. You have any kind of queries or suggestions, please mention then in the comments section below. Thanks! Enjoy your pancake!


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