TellTims: Tim Hortons Official Survey [Get Free Ice Tea]

Do you love eating at Time Hortons? Do you visit Tim Hortons frequently? A lot of people say the food served at Tim Hortons is always delicious and the ingredients are always fresh. That is what attracts a lot of customers. If you went their recently, here is an opportunity for you to tell them honestly about their food and services so that if there is anything you want them to work on, they can improve it.

TellTims Survey is organized Tim Hortons to know the honest reviews of their customers. The good news is that you can win $1 Timbits and Iced coffee rewards just participating in the survey. The rules and the process to take the survey are explained below in this article. You can win now:)

What is TellTims Survey?

Tim Hortons wants to know what its customers like about it and what are the things the people do not like. That is why they organize a survey called TellTims Survey where the consumers can provide their honest feedback to Tim Hortons. The survey data is saved and analyzed. It is good to know that they take their customers’ reviews seriously and try to improve wherever people think they need progress. So you can give your review to Tim Hortons as well. And since they are providing some free food as a reward to those who win, then why not?

 Tell Tims Survey Rewards

If you take the Tell Tims Survey and become one of the lucky winners, you can win free food from the Tim Hortons. They give $1 Timbits and Iced coffee to the lucky customers who win. One can easily get the reward won her/ him on the next visit. Excited to participate? The whole procedure is explained below.

 How To Take TellTims Survey?

  1. Go to for taking the survey.
  2. Now you will see a place to fill out a code to begin the survey. Here, you have to fill the survey code present at the bottom of the receipt you got from Tim Hortons when you visited it the last time.
  3. English is the default language to take the survey. But you can make changes in the language if you want to.
  4. Afterward, you will see a set of questions on your screen. These questions are the main part of the survey. You just have to give honest answers to these. Even if something is negative, feel free to tell Tim Hortons that as they will know the reality and work to improve it in the future.
  5. Then you can check your answers once again and submit the survey. 
  6. That is all. You will get your lucky coupon from Tim Hortons now.

Rules Or Requirements To Take The Tell Tims Survey

Taking the Tell Tims Survey is very easy right, but you should go through these Rules and Requirements which are important.

  1. You need the Tim Hortons receipt from the last time you ate something there if you want to participate in the survey.
  2. The survey is available in English and French only, so you are supposed to know one of the two languages.
  3.  After a week of your purchase from Tim Hortons, the code on your receipt expires and is no more eligible for the survey.
  4. The coupon you get as a reward from Tim Hortons is not transferrable and it does not guarantee you any cash payment.
  5. You should be at least 18 years if you want to take the Tell Tims Survey. If you are younger than that, you are not eligible for the survey.
  6. You must be a legal citizen of the USA or the UK to take the survey.
  7. If you work for Tim Hortons or you are a relative of someone who does, you cannot take the survey.
  8. You need a device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc., and good internet connectivity to take the survey. Some free time so that you can provide your honest feedback without any rush is also needed.

You should keep in mind that even if you take the survey after being ineligible, your feedback will not be considered and deleted. So, you should only take the survey if you are eligible.

More About The Tim Hortons

As everyone knows, Tim Hortons café and bakeshop is a fast-food restaurant chain having its headquarters in Oakville, Canada. It has become the biggest quick-service restaurant chain in Canada. Its drinks such as coffee and food items such as doughnuts are world-famous. 

Tim Hortons was started Tim Horton in 1964. Tim Horton is a famous Hockey player in Canada. They have about 3,600 chains in Canada since September 2014. In addition to this, they have 869 chains in America and also 56 in the Persian Gulf. Tim Hortons has become a popular brand in the whole world after a lot of ups and downs.

How To Contact The Tim Hortons


I hope you enjoyed reading this article and you know each and everything you wanted to know about the Tell Tims Survey. I know taking their survey and winning is a piece of cake for you now. Then what are you waiting for? Take the Tell Tims Survey and be a winner.


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