Take TJX Style Plus Survey: Win $1000 Every Week

Looking for shoes, toys, bath and beauty, accessories, or home products ranging from furniture to kitchen utensils? TJX Plus is the best place for you. They are concerned about your health and well-being, that is why they have done some necessary changes just for their customers and associates.

Do you too enjoy shopping? What if I tell you that you can win rewards worth up to $1000 every week and a lot more just taking the TJX Style Plus survey? Want to know more? Just read the article below where I have explained all the necessary details. 

What is TJX Style Plus Survey?

TJX wants to know how their customers feel about their products and services. They want to know how they can make improvements and make everyone who visits their stores’ smile. To fulfill this aim, they want more and more customers to participate in the TJX Plus Survey and they are also giving wonderful awards, then why not?

TJX Style Plus Survey Rewards

TJX Plus is giving the people who participate in their surveys two kinds of rewards- one daily and the other one weekly. So, the rewards are as follows:

  • Daily Sweepstakes: Single prize of one from USD$1,000, CAD$1,000, £1,000, DKK 8000, and €1,000.
  • Weekly Sweepstakes: It has three prizes for every single week, and each prize is worth one among USD$500, CAD$500, £500, DKK4000, and €500.

If you want to win the weekly prize, enter the survey through web or mail as the weekly rewards are for these kinds of entries only.

How To Take TJX Style Plus Survey?

Find some confusion while taking the survey? Do not worry, the complete procedure of participating in the survey and hence winning is explained below:

  1. Go to http://www.tjxcanada-opinion.ca/ which is the official website of the TJX Plus (Canada).
  2. Now you will see an option to select one of the two languages- either English or French. Choose the language with which you want to take the survey.
  3. Every TJX receipt has a survey number. Get your receipt from the last visit and fill out that survey number to proceed.
  4. Then you will see some questions on the screen. You just have to answer them honestly as huge importance is given to your answers the company.
  5. Afterward, you have to provide your simple details as asked and your survey will be complete.

Easy, right? But, are you eligible? Read the rules and requirements to know.

Rules Or Requirements To Take The TJX Plus Survey

If you want to take the survey, you need to follow some rules set the TJX which are as follows:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old if you want to provide your feedback and win something.
  2. Anyone who wants to participate should be a legal citizen of Canada.
  3. You also need a receipt from your latest shopping from any of the TJX stores near to you.
  4. A receipt is a necessity, it necessarily means, some purchase from TJX is required to be eligible for the survey.
  5. If you are one of the people who work for TJX or someone from their families, you are not eligible to take the survey and win anything.

More About The TJX Plus

TJX Plus began its business more than four decades ago. .All the stores TJX always look for the best for their customers but at the same time make sure that everything is affordable for normal consumers.

TJX is known to present excellent value on the choices of great variety and brand names that are ever-changing at costs about half less than their normal values every single day. The online websites as well as the stores of the TJX are very flexible. There are no walls between their different departments which makes your job a lot easier. A lot of people believe and TJX claims that they switch to the latest fashion and trends quicker than any other store you can think about. Is not it the best? TJX Plus makes sure that you get something pleasant, unique, and extraordinary, every time you visit them.

How To Contact The TJX Plus

The contact numbers of different stores of TJX in different countries are given below:

1. USA:

  • T.J. Maxx: 1-800-926-6299 (in-store) and 1-833-888-0776 (online orders)
  • Homegoods: 1-800-888-0776
  • Homesense: 1-855-660-4663
  • Marshalls: 1-888-627-7425 (in-store) and 1-833-888-0776 (online orders)
  • Sierra: 1-800-713-4534

2. Canada:

  • Winners: 1-800-646-9466
  • Marshalls: 1-800-646-9466
  • HomeSense: 1-800-646-9466

3. U.K.:

  • T.K. Maxx: 01923 473561
  • Homesense: 01923 473561

4. Ireland:

  • T.K. Maxx: 01 2476126
  • Homesense: 01 2476126

5. Germany:

  • T.K. Maxx: 0211 88223267

6. Poland:

  • T.K. Maxx: 022 55 10 727

7. Austria:

  • T.K. Maxx: 01 92 87 669

8. Netherlands:

  • T.K. Maxx: 0107114866

9. Australia:

  • T.K. Maxx: 1300 768 913


Unlike other retailers that purchase seasonally, TJX always has unique quality at very low prices coming at their stores several times every week, and each delivery consists of thousands of goods. They always urge their shoppers to come to their stores regularly to have a look at their latest finds, at best prices you can ever get. 

They provide their customers with chances to win wonderful prizes in addition to cash just taking their survey. I hope this article provides you all the details necessary for you to participate in the TJX Plus Survey. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead right now and be a winner. 


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